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  • Suede Shoes

    Care for Suede Shoes

    When it comes to our accessories and shoes, we look for only the softest suede. The suede we employ has a premium nap and is brushed to perfection. While some suede can be delicate, ours is extremely durable, yet keeps its soft appearance.  

    Protect your suede items from scuffing, flattening, water damage and oil staining by taking these simple, precautionary steps.

    The leather’s luxurious nap is naturally very porous and it is important to store pieces where they can breathe. A damp environment may cause water condensation, mould and mildew. Unfortunately, this damage cannot be reversed.

    Cotton or flannel cases are best for suede storage. They will protect your pieces from light (which can cause fading), while also allowing for natural air circulation. Avoid keeping your suede pieces in any sort of plastic bag or enclosure.

    Avoid spraying perfume or hair products too closely to suede pieces, as they can be ruined this way. Makeup and sweat stains can also permanently damage suede.

    What if you're caught in the rain carrying your brand-new suede handbag? First, don't panic. Gently pat your suede item with a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up all of the excess moisture. Do not attempt to speed the process by using a blow dryer or any other sort of heat source. Rather, allow the suede to dry naturally. Once it is completely dry, use a brush made specifically for suede to sweep the natural nap and texture of the item.

    Dirt and oil stains can be a bit trickier to fix. If you've managed to get dirt or mud on your new suede shoes, let them dry. Use a nail file to gently wipe out any soil and remove scuff marks. Then, go over the suede lightly with a brush made specifically for suede to restore the piece’s nap and texture.

    To remove oil stains, gently rub talcum power directly on the soiled area. Let the powder set for about two hours. Repeat the process if needed.

    When it doubt, take your suede pieces to a professional leather cleaner.

    Suede items have a delicate beauty. Be sure to wear, store and clean them with care.

  • Satin Shoes and Clutches

    Care for Satin Shoes and Clutches

    Satin is a lustrous and smooth material. However, when it becomes soiled, it loses its shine and soft texture. To keep your satin accessories looking luminous, they should be treated with the utmost care.

    However, there is an effective and inexpensive way to ensure that your shoes and bags are stay as lovely as when they came out of the box: use a nylon stocking to clean them. Slip the stocking over your hand and gently rub soiled areas in a circular motion.

  • Leather Shoes

    Care for Leather Shoes

    It’s important to properly care for your leather shoes. In order to keep your leather looking great, follow these four simple steps:

    Clean your footwear
    Always clean footwear after it’s been exposed to dirt, dust or the elements. This will help shoes keep their natural luster.

    Condition your footwear
    Without protection and conditioning, leather is at risk of drying out. If leather looses its natural moisture, visible cracks and tears may appear in your footwear, and, eventually, the leather may fall apart. Conditioning the leather is a vital step in preventing this. Please note: never use conditioning products on an already-soiled leather surface, and consult with your shoe-repair specialist as to which products suit your shoes’ specific needs.

    Polish your footwear
    Often times, a quick polish can be the best option when your leather needs a little sprucing up. A once-a-week buff and shine will ensure that the natural luster of your shoe is maintained.

    Weatherproof your footwear
    Nearly every shoe repairer or retailer offers a weatherproofing product, which works to protect your leather from salt, slush, mud and snow. Always read the product label as there are significant distinctions between certain types of suede, exotic skins, soft leathers and shoes containing mixed leathers or materials. Take the time to care for your leather items using the correct products and you’ll lengthen the life of your shoes.

  • Blondo Shoes

    Blondo's Footwear Care

    Blondo AquaProtect© boots do not require much maintenance. Simply polish your boot with a damp cloth to restore the look and finish of your Blondo product.

    Leather non-silicone aerosol protectors can be used on most type of leathers if your shoes begin to show signs of aging. Be sure to test the protectors on a small surface before applying.

    It is strongly suggested not to use mink oils, bear oil, synthetic oil or liquid silicone or liquid cleaning products as they will damage the Aquaprotect© treatment and look of the boot.